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Fashion & Wearables leveraging NFTs

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There was a time when you would not speak about fashion and deep tech in the same breath.

But when major luxury names – LVMH, Prada and Cartier – announce the development of a global luxury blockchain, well, it’s safe to say that we have a new segment in the blockchain space!

 Learn how Fashion & Wearables are leveraging on NFTs in this insightful video.


·      Why are fashion & wearables getting into blockchain and specifically with NFTs?

·      Few examples of brands using NFTs

·      How to go about this space as a brand owner?

·      A few levers that can help


Anybody – professionals as well as enthusiasts - who want to get an insight on

o   Relevance of NFTs to their business in the Fashion space

o   Things to keep in mind when leveraging NFTs here, along with examples


·      Access link to a 13 minutes video covering above learnings

·      This is a digital product. All sales are final


I picked up on blockchain in 2018 – it actually started with me working with a hybrid blockchain protocol start-up – I pitched in to help evangelize their tech and work towards developing a vibrant ecosystem for the same. This included building and scaling communities – and along with “nudging” people towards learning and using this technology.

Along the way, I started sharing my learnings in a structured easily digestible format – something I wish I had at the beginning of my blockchain journey!

Sharing learnings and conducting corporate trainings is not new to me – had done so in my earlier roles too. Have worn multiple hats in my career – Evangelism and ecosystem/community development, Technology market intelligence, Connecting dots for deep technology fore-sighting, Hardware chip design, Semiconductor design team build-up, Program Management, Industry advocacy, Talent development.

DOMAINS: Blockchain, AI & ML - Deep learning, Robotics, Semiconductor

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You will get access to a video explaining why are businesses in Fashion & Wearables getting onto blockchain and especially NFTs, How can one navigate in this space and what are a few levers that can benefit to keep in mind for the same. Video structured in an easily understandable format.

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Fashion & Wearables leveraging NFTs

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