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The Liquidity Lifeline - Why is it critical for your crypto token?

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Everyone in the token ecosystem needs liquidity. The project owners want their tokens to be worth something, the exchanges want to make money off trading fees, the investors want to cash in on their investments and so on.

 But what is liquidity? Why is it important for the various stake holders - you as a retail investor or an exchange or as a token issuer? Why is it critical for your crypto token? How do you measure liquidity?

This episode sheds some light into this mysterious world of token liquidity.


·      What is liquidity? What are liquid and non-liquid assets?

·      How does liquidity affect in trading? Relevance to bid-ask spread

·      Why is liquidity critical to your crypto tokens? A look from multiple perspectives

o   You as a retail investor

o   As a token issuer

o   As an exchange

·      How can we measure liquidity? A look at some metrics


Anybody – professionals as well as enthusiasts - who wants to get an insight on liquidity and its importance in the crypto world.

If you are looking to invest in a crypto token, make sure you do your homework on liquidity!


·      Access link to an 11 minutes video covering above learnings

·      This is a digital product. All sales are final


I picked up on blockchain in 2018 – it actually started with me working with a hybrid blockchain protocol start-up – I pitched in to help evangelize their tech and work towards developing a vibrant ecosystem for the same. This included building and scaling communities – and along with “nudging” people towards learning and using this technology.

 Along the way, I started sharing my learnings in a structured easily digestible format – something I wish I had at the beginning of my blockchain journey!

Sharing learnings and conducting corporate trainings is not new to me – had done so in my earlier roles too. Have worn multiple hats in my career – Evangelism and ecosystem/community development, Technology market intelligence, Connecting dots for deep technology fore-sighting, Hardware chip design, Semiconductor design team build-up, Program Management, Industry advocacy, Talent development.

 DOMAINS: Blockchain, AI & ML - Deep learning, Robotics, Semiconductor

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You will get access to a video explaining what is liquidity, why it is important for you to know about liquidity if you have a vested interest in the crypto tokens – whether as an investor, or as a token issuer/crypto project owner or as an exchange. Also on how one can measure liquidity and hence the terms to look out for while looking at a crypto token. Video is structured in an easily understandable format.

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The Liquidity Lifeline - Why is it critical for your crypto token?

0 ratings
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